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SEO: Logo in Search Engine Results

Search engine optimization (SEO) isn’t just about getting your website to turn up higher in search engine results. It’s about drawing in as much attention as possible so more people will choose to click and find out more about your company. Then hopefully become a new client.

As we all know images draw more attention than just text. Which is one of the reasons why many people have gone through the process of “authorship”. One of the perks of Google’s authorship feature is having that snapshot of your image turn up next to your articles.

This is what I’m referring to:

Authorship for Brassy Marketing, a Traverse City SEO Company

Authorship for Brassy Marketing, a Traverse City SEO Company


So how do you get your logo in the search engine results? At first many speculated that there would be a similar “publisher” box next to the home page of your website in the search engine results. A “publishership” so to speak but it doesn’t look like that is going to happen. Instead they have announced that they may use this information as a source for their Knowledge Graph box, should they decide to publish one.

The Knowledge Graph Box features a company logo, link and summary off to the right of the listings. The biggest challenge is that Google doesn’t appear to be displaying them for very many companies.

Don’t worry though, you or your SEO Company still have another option for getting your brand more online exposure in search engine results and it offers far more control. The solution is to create a business Google+ account and verify the associated website address.

That’s all it takes to start getting your logo, an image from a recent post an excerpt shared in the search engine results. This often allows your company to appear several times for search engine results for important keyword phrases. See this example for Global Marine Insurance, a Traverse City based boat insurance company.

Global Marine Insurance - Boat Insurance Company

Global Marine Insurance – Boat Insurance Company

If you look closely you will see that the page results display the Traverse City company’s website, LinkedIn account, secondary quote website, Facebook page, and Google+ page but because of the logo and image your eye is drawn into the Google + listing first. This creates a powerful incentive to set up your Google+ page and verify your website even if you “hate social media”.

If you have more questions you can contact Brassy Marketing, a Michigan SEO Company based out of Traverse City and Grand Rapids, MI.



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