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Some SEO Terminology

Some SEO Terminology

Many people have heard the terms White Hat SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and Black Hat SEO, but don’t realize the difference between them or how to effectively use SEO to benefit their businesses. If you are searching for a Traverse City, MI, SEO company to help make sense of it all, it is important to find one well versed in adaptive SEO.


White Hat SEO

White Hat SEO is a term used for strategies that optimize rankings on search engines in a forthcoming manner to avoid the “naughty” search engine lists that Google, Bing, Yahoo, and others reserve for those accused of attempting to trick the search engines and consumers. Methods to increase rankings and bring viewers to websites and social media pages include the use of keywords, effective and legitimate linking, and high-quality content. Finding a Traverse City, MI, SEO company that practices Adaptive White Hat SEO will keep your business and online search engine positioning relatively secure.


Black Hat SEO

Black Hat SEO typically hyper focuses on search engine rankings and does not necessarily take into account that real human beings are behind the searches. Many Black Hat techniques do not follow the rules set forth by the search engines themselves, which can lead to being banned from a website. Companies that most often use Black Hat SEO are willing to take an aggressive risk because they want to drive business to a “temporary” site to make a fast stream of revenue. They are often not concerned with the long-term ranking of the website or being banned. Black Hat SEO adopts tactics like keyword overuse or stuffing, spamdexing, and employing invisible doorways for linking and driving traffic to the site. Although always discouraged by search engines, in the past these techniques successful over the short term. By using a reputable Traverse City, MI, SEO company to help your business grow and flourish over the long term, you will see that Black Hat SEO is not a good method.


Adaptive SEO

Adaptive SEO is just a fancy way of saying White Hat SEO that is “on top of it”. Adapative SEO experts are using all the White Hat SEO methods including the knowledge and expertise necessary to structure your website in a search engine friendly manner, label the information properly, provide high quality keyword rich content and develop quality backlinks. When a Traverse City, MI, SEO company uses adaptive SEO, they are current on all of the upcoming changes and poised to benefit from them.  They work with the search engines instead of against them and modify their methods to meet the requests of search engines as soon as information becomes available, not after a penalty or correction created by an update.

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