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Use SEO with Your Social Media

Use SEO with Your Social Media

These days, a large percentage of human interaction takes place through social media. Social media websites, including Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn, allow individuals, families, and friends to communicate with one another instantaneously. Many businesses – large and small – are noticing the importance of social media in terms of advertisement and marketing, and also in terms of reaching their audience easily and effectively. If you are a business owner who has been wavering about joining the world of social media, rest assured that now is the time to optimize your company’s social media profiles.

You can optimize your social media profiles and content for the search engines by:

  1. Making sure that your social media profiles are filled out completely.
  2. Using “keywords” in your photo titles, posts and page descriptions that people would use to look for your business/services/products.
  3. Being active on the social media platforms that you utilize.

Using the most basic SEO techniques to optimize your social media content will greatly increase the odds of it turning up on the front page of Google’s blended search results.  This means that your relevant and popular posts could show up in the search results next to videos, images or websites that also deliver pertinent information on the topic searched.

Increase Website Traffic

The goal of many corporate social media profiles, for businesses large and small, is to reach their customer base and drive them to the company website. Using Twitter or chatting with customers on Facebook has a direct impact on the volume of traffic that reaches your company’s webpage. In fact, 72 percent of small business owners report that social media optimization has increased their website traffic.

Social media can impact your website’s SEO. If you share the material that is published on your website through different social media platforms the positive feedback that you receive from readers can help drive your website rankings up. The impact that your social media interactions have on your website’s SEO can then lead to even more people reaching your website due to it’s high visibility at the top of popular search engine results.

Be Personable

Standard advertisements are impersonal. They are a limited media – one that promotes single products and ideas. Your social media profiles, on the other hand, are vibrant. Social media is a great place to create a business persona. A witty, funny, and engaging online business persona will garner the attention of thousands of potential new customers.

Generate Excitement about Your Business

Small businesses have a limited budget when it comes to advertisement and marketing. The good thing about social media advertisement is that it is free. You can generate a buzz about your company, your products, and your services simply by being an active member of online social media. It takes nothing but your time.

Breed Customer Loyalty

Social media profile optimization is a great way to develop a relationship with your customers. Close relationships breed customer loyalty. Customers who connect with your company through social media will get to “know” your company, your employees, and your products. They will be far more likely to choose your business when it comes to serving their needs for products and services. As a bonus, you can use social media as a means to reward customer loyalty. Offering discounts, product promotions, or even free services to your customers on social media will expand your customer base, increase your income, and encourage more and more customers to connect with your company through social media to learn about upcoming promotions.

There are lots of great benefits to having a social media presence but all of the different tools available can make social media marketing a little intimidating. Instead of trying to learn everything you can before getting started just take one tip and try implementing it today. Once you have tackled that single aspect of your social media marketing campaign you can move on to other areas. Happy networking!


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