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Viral Marketing Tactics

Viral marketing

Sweat equity marketing promotions is any marketing technique that uses pre-existing social networks to spread a company’s message.

Viral marketing is unique, entertaining and easy to share. It is often in the format of a short video, an audio or eBook. What makes a piece of material “viral” is that the message is passed quickly from one person to the next until its reach increases exponentially.

Some of the benefits are:

• Low costs (development only, and that is typically minimal) when a marketing piece successfully becomes viral it is etched into the minds of those who absorb and share it making it very powerful.

• Low maintenance as passed on by public

• Efficient as message is quickly passed through networks and becomes part of the culture.

Some drawbacks are:

• Impossible to predict with certainty if a marketing piece will successfully become viral.

• Eventually the effectiveness of the marketing piece will wane, and you will have to create a new one or pursue a different avenue.

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