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At Brassy Marketing we believe that every company deserves a chance to compete against the "big guys" whether that means the more established company across town or a national franchise. Today online visability is critical to getting your company the exposure it needs to grow. Fortunately we can work with you to formulate an SEO strategy to let you stand out from the crowd and implement the SEO tatics while you tend to the other areas of your business.


SEO Services

SEO is the process of systematically establishing your website as an industry leader and earning a position on the front page of search engine results so that your business can benefit from being introduced to more qualified prospects looking for solutions.




Ronald G Harris, CPA, President/Owner,
Ronald G Harris, CPA, President/Owner, Harris Group Certified Public Accountants | Petoskey & Traverse City, Michigan
Brassy took my website from stagnant to dynamic; from no man’s land to the front page of web searches. I am a firm believer in focusing on what you do well in your business and letting others help you with their expertise. Brassy Marketing knows rank. The amount of client traffic I receive from my website now does not even compare to before I started working with Brassy. The new clients delivered from my website have more than paid back the investment I made.
Todd Stone, C.P.O. Chief Operating Officer,
Todd Stone, C.P.O. Chief Operating Officer, Teter Orthotics & Prosthetics | Traverse City, Grand Rapids, Michigan & 19 other MI locations
I have been watching the traffic on our website and it has definitely increased since working with Brassy Marketing. We use to get 1 to 5 calls a week from our website and now we are receiving more than double that, easily more than 5 to 10 calls per week. Brassy has put our website on the front page for a number of different keywords. Brassy has done a great job at writing content in laymen terms and they have all been written very well. Even the topic selection and industry research has been well thought out. There has not been one article that I said, “That won’t fly.” I am comfortable with Brassy Marketing publishing the content to our website directly, without my prior approval.
Tara Hubbard, Owner
Tara Hubbard, Owner Livin ' The Good Life and Pro Image Design | Rapid City, Michigan
With the training I received from Brassy Marketing for Facebook, we have begun to see what really engaging posts can do for our product success. They are great people to work with and always have the answers. Thank you for all your help.
Dr. Phil Yancho Dentist
Dr. Phil Yancho Dentist Yancho Family and Cosmetic Dentistry | Traverse City, Michigan
When I launched my new website it didn’t even show up on the first page results when you searched “Yancho Dentistry”. Now not only is it easy to find my site by searching my name, you will also see it near the top of the first page when you look up “Traverse City Dentist.”
Dave & Debbie Drake, Owners
Dave & Debbie Drake, Owners TSR Lawn and Landscape | Traverse City, Michigan
We worked very hard and put many hours developing content for our web site and had it up and running for two years only to discover we were difficult to find on the search engines. We contacted Brassy Marketing and asked what they could do. They quickly presented us with a proposal explaining what needed to be done to optimize search engines as well as giving us suggestions to enhance our site with video. The turn-around time was quick and results surpassed our expectations. We moved from practically non-existent on major search engines to top 3 literally overnight. In most cases for relevant search phrases we came up first. In addition the video they produced was top notch and the cost very reasonable. Thank you Brassy Marketing
Ben Read, Owner
Ben Read, Owner Read Tree Service | Traverse City, MI
I have gotten new customers because Brassy Marketing has built my online presence so that my website is number 1 in the search engine rankings. Even 6 months after Brassy completed their work, I received a call from a prospect that lives outside the area that specifically told me they googled tree services northern Michigan and called me because my website was ranked number 1. I would never had gotten that client if my website had not been at the top of the rankings. I would highly recommend Brassy to other businesses because there IS a return on investment from their services
Mike Drilling, Photographer & Entrepreneur
Mike Drilling, Photographer & Entrepreneur Windborne Photography & Turfstand | Traverse City, Michigan
When I met Barbara and Erica I had just purchased a Go Daddy web-site thinking that once I had that we-site up the business would fly through the door. I mean I had a great product,great photos and videos
and a web address. Little did I know that it could not be done that easily.
Well after a bit of time and a lot of hard work integrating a new web-site with all of Erica ' s brilliant writing we now have a web-site for turfstand that actually works. Within the first week we made 2 different sales from the web -site completely driven there by the SEO work done by Brassy!" - Mike Drilling Windborne Photographic Studios & Turfstand of Traverse City, MI
Kathy Dixon, President
Kathy Dixon, President The Economic Club of Traverse City | Traverse City, Michigan
The Economic Club of Traverse City selected Brassy Marketing as our web design partner and we are extremely pleased with the great service we have received. The Economic Club of Traverse sponsors a 300 person member lunch each month and we have a very dynamic monthly registration process. Brassy easily won our business by demonstrating their attention to detail and clearly understanding our needs and goals for our website. Throughout our relationship they have focused on customer service, communication and accessibility. The work that Brassy performs for us each month is critical to our success and they always deliver. Erica Buck and Barbara Shellman are true professionals and the best in the industry.