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Selecting an Email Marketing Service

Selecting an Email Marketing Service

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You will need an email service provider to schedule, and send mail to your lists as well as to manage our leads, personalize your messages, provide easy opt-out options and help to keep you out of trouble with the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) for spamming.

Do not be mistaken into thinking you can just send your messages BCC (blind carbon copy) and get the same results. You will end up investing more of your time, sending out an unprofessional looking message and leave yourself vulnerable to spam complaints and even legal action.

Another alternative to an Autoresponder service is a software program, but there are problems with them. It may seem like a great solution at first to purchase software one time, load it on your computer and let it manage your automated e-mail series, opt-in and opt-out lists as well as the process of sending each e-mail to each recipient one at a time. I went that route myself about five years ago when I was just getting into e-mail marketing. I was accused of sending spam, and since I didn’t have ESP to have my back I had to deal with the complaints from my Internet service provider.

It didn’t lead to any legal problems or major issues because there was no validity to the accusation, but my ISP still erred on the safe side and must have “flagged” my account because I had deliverability problems with my e-mail messages after that. My outgoing mail frequently got lost because it got routed to the junk mail box for no apparent reason. Why deal with the hassle? That was five years ago, and spam constraints are only getting tighter. Since I have switched to working with an ESP, I have never had a problem.

Two leading ESP options are Aweber and Constant Contact. They are similarly priced and provide similar services Constant Contact offers better newsletter services and survey ability, while Aweber focuses more on its Autoresponder services and offers a greater variety of services overall.

They both provide all of the basics you would expect from an ESP including, newsletter capability, personalization, list database of 25k, and customer support. I have personally used both, and although you can’t go wrong with either one I personally prefer the functionality offered by Aweber.


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