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Having Trouble Linking Your Profile to Your Existing Business Page?

Want your friends to be able see where you work or the business you own in your profile info and then click the link and go right to the business page?  Sounds simple right? And it usually is because when you are filling out your profile information and begin to type the name of your business page facebook will scan through it’s files and pull up the correct page for you.  Unfortunately there is a glitch that occasionally makes this simple process a huge headache – that’s technology for you – great until it isn’t. If the system isn’t working properly for you what will happen instead is a new page will be created (but there’s nothing on it, not very useful). Anyway if your “real” business page isn’t “popping up” no matter how many times you try, don’t worry there’s a relatively easy way to work around the snafu.

#1. Download the webdeveloper add on to Firefox (click this link to access the free Web Developer)

(Yes you need to be using Firefox to implement this quick fix – if there’s another way to do it I’m not aware of it.)

#2 Go to your page click edit, copy ID # at the end of the URL

#3 Go to your profile work info, click “forms” “display form details” from new browser add on

#4 enter ID # in grey box after business name & save.

That’s all there is to it, now your facebook friends can click on your work information at the top of your profile and go directly to your business page.