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Google+ Improves the SEO of Your Michigan Company

Did you know that 97% of consumers now search for local businesses online?  A Google+ page can connect you with customers on Maps, Search, and Google+, regardless of what device they use.  An additional visual such as a logo can help your website gain attention in search results.  Verifying your website with a business G+ page can get your logo on Google.  With increased credibility, it can also help move your site up higher in those searches.  You can hire a reputable Michigan SEO company, such as Brassy Marketing, to verify your website using Google+.

However, you can also do this process yourself.  You must sign up for a G+ page and insert a link to your website on it.  The folks at Google+ request that it be on your front page, but they don’t specify precisely where.  As long as two-way linkage exists, verification is established. If you conduct a search for Google+ brand page verification, you will find the link where you can test your new Google+ connection to see if your website is now indeed verified.

After verification, potential customers will begin seeing your business profile photo next to your text snippets in their search results, so you should insert your business logo as the profile photo of your brand.

So, whether you decide to utilize the services of a Michigan SEO company or navigate through the website verification process on your own, your time and resources will be well spent as your business obtains more exposure to potential customers through various online searches with a highly visible logo.  Your website results are likely to stand out on the page even more than those listed one or two positions higher than you due to the fact that your site will likely be one of the few with an image included.

If your serious about your website SEO get your Google+ verification completed today, either by doing the work yourself or hiring a quality Michigan SEO company, like Brassy Marketing located in Traverse City and Grand Rapids to assist you.

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