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Google Trends

SEO TrendsIn April Google announced a great new feature that will let people opt to have popular topics from Google Trends and Hot Searches emailed right to them. For Northern Michigan businesses this means using effective search engine optimization (SEO) strategies will be even more important and Grand Rapids MI SEO company Brassy Marketing can help.

As people in our local communities rely more and more on digital information and searching online for businesses and services, SEO for content on your website, blog, and social media are what will get your business noticed.

Exactly how the search engines rank websites and online information is still a bit of a mystery, but hiring an experienced Grand Rapids MI SEO company like ours will help to get your site higher in the rankings.

Google has offered Google Alerts, which allows users to select the specific topics they would like to follow online and receive regular updates of any new related content.

What’s different with the newest Google offering? This new Google Trends function lets people follow the hottest new trends and searches by country and subscribe to Hot Search Trends and Top Charts that interest them.

Signing up is easy. You need to add a subscription to Google Trends and can choose what you’d like to hear about and how often. The trends you want to follow will be emailed to you at regular intervals.

What does this mean to the average Jill or Joe in Michigan? If they want to know about the best MI restaurants, Michigan spa specials, or whatever business they don’t have to spend time searching for a list of the most popular search results. Google will deliver updates about specified trends by location to them as often as they wish.

For business owners, you have an opportunity to get information about your business, products, or services delivered right to the inbox of someone who has expressed interest in hearing about exactly what you offer to your local area. Brassy Marketing, an experienced Grand Rapids MI SEO company with a varied client base, can help your business gain search engine rankings.

Would you like your business to rank among trending topics and popular search terms in your local area? Contact Brassy Marketing because our Grand Rapids MI SEO company is ready to offer expert help.


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