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Google Updates

Did you know that Google updates its algorithms roughly 500 or more times annually? Our Traverse City MI SEO company strives to stay informed about all the latest changes and innovations relevant to our clients.


Each time Google makes a significant update or change to how its algorithms operate to determine search engine rankings, there are SEO companies that will seize the opportunity to mass email potential customers fear-based reasons to hire their services.


It’s not a strategy our Traverse City MI SEO company uses, but we’ve had worried clients tell us about receiving these fear mongering emails outlining penalties and errors on their websites.


Have you had one of these emails? Typically the email claims the latest Google penalties are to blame for poor search engine rankings. They typically are vaguely addressed, “Dear business owner” and say things such as:


-       Your website has been affected by Google penguin penalization.


-       As per coding validation, there are errors in html validation of your site.


-       Your site has alt-tag missing. You need to optimize the images from search engine’s point of view.


-       Keyword stuffing:  There are over use of keywords in your site which is all spamming.


Notice that the marketing company claims your website is being penalized (and the writing is not very good quality!). What some marketers say are penalties by the search engines are more accurately corrections. Google isn’t trying to penalize business owners, it is trying to correct the problems of unqualified websites historically being able to sneak their way to the top of search engine results in various ways.


Trying to determine search engine rankings using valid information is an ongoing task for Google and the other search engines. Does this mean you don’t need an SEO company? Not necessarily.


What this means is that you don’t need to believe the claims made by unsolicited marketing companies, nor do you need to hire a marketing company to deceive the search engines. Treat these emails like spam and don’t waste your time worrying about their claims or your money chasing their promises.


We recommend you consult a Traverse City MI SEO company that has demonstrated success improving the search engine rankings for a variety of clients and consider hiring that company to help with your marketing online and with social media.


Ready to learn more about search engine rankings and Google’s updates? Contact Brassy Marketing, a locally owned Traverse City MI SEO company, with your questions. We also offer a free market analysis.



Google Updates

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