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Grand Rapids SEO Company Discusses Mobile SEO

Grand Rapids SEO Company Discusses Mobile SEO

Have you noticed that almost everyone has a Smart Phone, tablet, or some other type of mobile device that allows them to gain information quickly and easily on the go? Even children in elementary school know how to use these devices, download apps, and find things quickly and easily with this amazing modern technology. In fact, even most pre-teens and teens have a Smart Phone or tablet now. If you are in search of a Grand Rapids SEO company to help you make the most of on-the-go search opportunities, make sure you choose someone well versed in mobile SEO (Search Engine Optimization).


According to Michael Martin, Govario’s Senior SEO Manager, about half of all mobile searches end in a purchase; and nine out of ten end up in an app download, website visit, or some other action related to the search (source:


What does this mean for your business?


  • Grand Rapids MI businesses cannot afford to skip mobile optimization.
  • You want your mobile presence to stand out in a positive way – site works with all browsers, easy to navigate, downloads quickly, important information at the forefront.
  • There are many options for mobile optimization including a dedicated mobile website, an app, and/or responsive design. Ask the Grand Rapids SEO company you are considering to explain the option they would recommend for your company and why. Compare their response to the vision you have for your mobile presence to make sure you are taking full advantage of the high rate of purchase and business generated from mobile searches.


A strong presence for mobile searches is imperative to get the most for your marketing dollars. Finding what works best for your company, while also taking full advantage of online social media, can have a huge positive impact on your bottom line. Take these points into consideration when determining which Grand Rapids SEO company is best for you.


To learn more about mobile optimization contact Grand Rapids SEO company, Brassy Marketing for a complimentary consultation.

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