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Get Inside Your Clients’ Heads

How to Research your Clients Using Free Online Tools

Whew, you did it. Getting started can be one of the hardest parts but now that you have selected a niche we can move ahead. The next step is to learn everything that you can about them. This is crucial for a few reasons:

• This information will enable you to craft products and services perfect for them.

• The info will give you an idea as to where to find your perfect clients.

• You will know what to say in order to get and keep their attention and how to motivate them to take action.

So how do you get to know everything you can about your niche? Again, you have an enormous advantage working with people within your industry because it’s likely that you personally know a few. If not, you’re still ahead of the game. The similar shared experiences will give you lots of common ground.

Here is a short list of ideas for learning more about your soon to be clients.

• Check out forums and chat rooms where the people in your niche hang out.

• Get on Twitter and use any of the following sites to help you find people on Twitter who are in your industry. You can follow people to see what they are talking about and also ask them questions. Most tweets love to give their opinion and perspective on things. That’s what Twitter is built on.




• Track new on topics that relate to you and your business. Here are some sites that can help you (make sure to be specific about what kind of news you want or you will get inundated with more than is helpful):





• Look for blogs authored by people in your niche. This can give you great insight on their concerns, viewpoints, challenges and goals. These can easily be found by typing some popular keywords into your favorite search engine.

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