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Using Pictures to Sell Online

Using Pictures to Sell Online

Selling Online

Use Your Photo and Product Shot

If there are two pictures that you include with your copy it should be your picture and a photo of your product.

You include the picture of yourself because this helps to convey the message that you stand behind your product and are proud of the work that you do. Also, people generally buy into people, not products, and if you include your picture you give them another way to identify with you as a real person.  The photo should be a current headshot.

The second picture should be of your product.  It’s important that you take the time to create an attractive image of the product on your sales page.  Clients need to be able to visualize the package that they are considering purchasing, and an attractive well presented image adds credibility and goes a long way for looking professional.

If you are selling a traditional physical product, this is pretty simple.  Lay everything out on a table with a solid background and take some pictures.  Make sure that everything is displayed.  That may mean taking CDs and DVDs out of binders where they are stored with text tutorials.

If you are selling a virtual product like an entry-level downloadable eBook, or a membership Website program, don’t worry, it’s still pretty easy to give your product a “face.”  For an eBook you can have a professional cover designed for you for as low as $30-$40.   To find companies, just search: “custom eBook cover” or “custom eBook design.” You will quickly find that there are opportunities to have something designed for you or order inexpensive software that will help you do it yourself.

If you are promoting your membership Website, you can go a few different routes.  Screenshots are the easiest way to depict what the inside of your membership site looks like, but they are not the most effective.  You can also have a virtual tour video tutorial of your site created to help your potential client understand the value your membership will provide for them.  Another method is to allow access to all or a portion of your site for a limited time with a free trial.  I recommend using a combination of as many tools as possible to depict a clear image of the inside of your site to interested prospects.

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