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Special Concerns-Website Sales

Special (Website) Sales Page Concerns

All of the tools, techniques and principles we examined in the previous section apply to sales pieces, regardless of if they are in the form of a Web page or sales letter. Now we will cover a few of the special concerns for each, beginning with Web pages.


• Keep it clean and simple, white with black font. Dark colored backgrounds especially look cool, but they make reading the page much more difficult, especially when you have a lot to say. It’s not worth it.

• Only use graphics when they have a purpose. Sometimes in the process of choosing images it’s easy to get carried away. Be selective and stick only to the images that really matter.

• Set your text at a normal length and have the majority of it left justified except for some small centered pieces

• Test all browsers for any new site design, including Netscape, Explorer, Firefox and AOL.

Search Engine Optimization

How are you getting people to your website?  There are a variety of options available including magazine advertisements, purchased email blasts and pay per click, but by far one of the most economical and effective methods is to optimize your website using organic search engine optimization techniques so that when people are searching for the type of information that you provide they will find your website.  You might think well, I’m sure they already do, but unless you have conducted a comprehensive keyword and market analysis you may be missing the most important markets.  If you are interested in learning more about this you can contact Brassy for a free SEO  analysis and/or read more on the topic at these related articles:

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