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SEO Myths

SEO Myths

Michigan SEO Company Brassy Marketing, Debunks Popular SEO Myths

Website optimization is an important part of the success of your business. Creating website content that is search engine optimized is a fail proof way to drive new customers to your company’s website. Search engine optimization, or SEO as it is often called, is the key to improving your search engine ranking, increasing your customer base, and generating profits for your business. Smart business owners know the importance of website optimization and the ways that it helps their business to stand out from the online crowd.

1. SEO is an overnight process.

There are over 200 indicators used in Google’s search engine rank algorithm and a half dozen of these are primary factors. For example one of the primary factors are how many and what quality are the backlinks to your site. Backlinks are hyper links from other sites directed at yours. Establishing links to your site from other high quality domains to a wide variety of pages within your site is not a simple task. If you do not have the time or energy to take care of this process, partner with an SEO company who can handle the job on your behalf.

2. SEO is all about word choice.

The fact is that word choice is a very important component of search engine optimization. Some might argue that it is the most important component of search engine optimization. However, keyword stuffing should not be part of your SEO tactic. Rather, it is important to utilize the primary keywords in quality website content in order to drive traffic.

3. I just need to add some metatags and my site will have a high search rank.

Title tags and h1 headings are still an important piece of the SEO pie, but most other meta tags are no longer used by search engines. Search engines used to use all metatags in order to index websites, but the “black hat” SEO techniques were developed that would use the meta tags to purposely mislead the search engines as to what content was on a website.

4. My site ranks #2 on Google, so I am done with SEO.

Not so fast. Though it is great to have a high search engine ranking, the process of search engine optimization is often one that never ends. The reason is that your website must be able to continue to deliver superior results compared to your competitors. Odds are that your current competitors or new ones entering the market will continue to increase the value of their website through effective SEO techniques. Therefore, in order to hold or increase your position so that you can continually drive new traffic and attract new customers, you must always be mindful not to fall behind the competition.

5. All I have to do is add content.

It is true that original, optimized content is a fundamental component to SEO it is not the whole enchilada. Here are just some of the other aspects of effective SEO for your Michigan business you should consider:

• Detailed keyword SEO research to identify high traffic/low competition areas

• Utilizing keywords at the correct density in content

• Using keywords in titles, title tags, hyperlinks

• Creating high quality relevant backlinks to home page and deeply embedded pages

o Image sharing sites

o Directory listings

o Related websites

o Classifieds

o Web 2.0

o Local directory map listings

Google verification & Authorship (personal and professional page)

• Utilizing keywords to properly label images, videos etc


If you are curious to see what Brassy Marketing can do for your business, request a free SEO analysis today.

Brassy Marketing is a Michigan SEO Company based out of Traverse City and Grand Rapids, MI

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