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We know that one of the biggest challenges business face is having a steady flow of qualified prospects.  The search can at times seem never ending. Our goal is to transform your website into a prospect generating tool so that you can spend more time at the beach, with your family or watching your favorite show. SEO accomplishes this by putting your website in the spotlight and attracting the attention of prospects actively seeking the product and service solutions that you provide. There are few marketing mediums that are able to deliver their message to the prospect at the exact moment that they are seeking a solution, SEO is one of the few marketing tools that is able to do this.

SEO and Search

Search engine optimization (SEO) is at the core of our business. If you’re familiar with SEO/SEM you already know that there are many variations of service. Some SEO companies offer inexpensive automated programs that submit your website to hundreds of sites in a matter of minutes, while others add your keywords to the meta tags and call the job complete.At Brassy our labor intensive, yet highly effective program that combines detailed keyword research with, selective backlink development, social media and above all a continual flow of quality and carefully optimized content


    We offer Social Media services and Website Design services for the purpose of strengthening your website’s online presence. Our primary focus is on SEO and we utilize social media and website design as tools to launch your search results higher than they could be without these tools.


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