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How to create a squeeze page or landing page

Create a Squeeze Page

As I mentioned previously, a squeeze page is a powerful tool for collecting contact information from your prospects so that you can begin building a list, and you are going to need one. Lead lists are critical in enabling you to build a relationship with your prospects, which dramatically increases your ability to sell to them. Lead lists also open the door to multiple opportunities to sell to them. If you choose to send your leads directly to a sales page instead of collecting their contact information first, then you push them to make a yes/no decision at a time when they are most likely to walk away and never give you another shot – leaving you without a sale and no way to contact them to see if you can develop the relationship. If you want to be successful, always focus on the relationship. If you have the relationship, present attractive options and ask for the sale you will earn the clients you are looking for.

How to create your squeeze page

First you will want a WYSIWYG HTML and CSS editor. WYSIWYG is an acronym for What You See Is What You Get. It allows those of us that know nothing about HTML code to create and edit Web pages. There are lots of options available from Adobe Dreamweaver (CS4 version), which costs $400, and free open source options like KompoZer. If you don’t have a WYSIWYG HTML editor and you need one, KompoZer is a decent program as it’s easy to use and free. You can download it at

Outline of Squeeze Page Layout

1. In the upper left hand corner have a picture with audio button or short 2-4 minute video

2. Place copy under the picture or video

a. Include a short paragraph about what your business is all about featuring the most important benefit to your client.

b. Tell your visitor what you are offering them. Include a picture if you can.

c. Include bullet points featuring the features and benefits of the product you are providing them in exchange for the privilege to contact them.

3. If you can add audio or video testimonials do it. If you use audio, place the link with a picture of the person.

4. To the right of the copy and/or under the copy add one or two opt-in boxes

a. Opt-in boxes

i. Headline

ii. Entry fields

1. First name & e-mail at minimum

2. Additional info (if you ask for this do not make it required unless it is essential to you. Otherwise you may unnecessarily decrease your conversion rate)

a. Last name

b. Address

c. Phone

d. Info about business

iii. Description of free gift*

iv. Picture of gift*

* These items can be included in the opt-in box or outside of the actual box, above or below it.

5. Place privacy policy link under the opt-in box

a. Do not include the actual policy on the page just a link to view it

b. Example: “We will never sell, trade, rent or share your information with any other organization.”

c. You can also make your privacy policy more detailed, I would recommend having your attorney take a look at it.


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    • Haha, I’m sure you’re not alone.

  2. One thing that I wish CSS had is layout tools equivalent to what I get in java, flex or even good old Delphi (border layout, grid layout, flow layout, …). I get that CSS is meant to style one column documents, and for that it is good, however the reality is that web 2.0 is not designed out of single-column documents.

  3. You need to get some computers and all the technology like Dreamweaver or some sort of HTML Edittor. Then you need to get some know-now and then some clients to work with.

  4. I have been hosting my sites mostly with DreamHost for some time now and think they deliver a reliable service. Nowadays most of the hosting companies do a good job and there are only a handful that really stand out negatively.

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