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What Do Your Marketing Colors Say About Your Company?

marketing colorsAs a Grand Rapids, MI SEO company, our goal is to help your website catch the attention of as many qualified prospects as possible.


While we specialize in SEO, it is only one piece of the puzzle. For your website to work, we have to ensure that when potential clients find your website, they like what they see.


We want that first impression to be a good one. Our Grand Rapids, MI SEO company strives to get your business noticed and to guarantee that your branding expertly determines what people see.


Everything from your company name to the images on your website and the organization layout–even the marketing colors–speak volumes about your business. What can colors possibly say? Don’t scoff! Fortune 500 companies have carefully selected their colors for marketing purposes. Why? Because there is actually a psychology in marketing; every color evokes a different feeling .


A recently published study by a researcher at the University of Missouri found that while a company’s logo is very important in marketing a brand, specific colors impact how the logo and the whole brand is perceived by consumers.


UM doctoral student, Jessica Ridgway, surveyed 184 adults to find out how they felt about the different colored logos she had created. Her results determined that the following colors evoked certain feelings:


Blue – confidence, success, reliability

Green – environmental friendliness, toughness, durability, masculinity, sustainability

Purple – femininity, glamor, charm

Pink – youth, imagination, fashionableness

Yellow – fun, modernity

Red – expertise, self-assurance


Other leading marketing companies have also studied reactions to these colors:


Brown – earthy, simplicity, durability, stability

Orange – youthful exuberance, fun, vitality

White – purity, cleanliness, neutrality


Marketing experts have long tracked how people react to color. It is believed to increase brand recognition by up to 80% and comprehension by as much as 73%. Ads in color are read up to 42% more than black and white ones.


Consider the impact of the colors used by many of America’s top companies. Which courier company employees wear brown uniforms to match the company colors? UPS. What colors come to mind for Best Buy? Blue – with yellow price tags. What color complements the white for Target? Red.


Now go back to the psychology of color. Do you see why these companies have chosen the marketing colors they did? Our Grand Rapids, MI SEO company firmly believes that effective use of marketing colors will get your company noticed – and remembered.

Would you like to get the attention of more qualified leads for your website? Our Grand Rapids, MI SEO company is ready to help. Contact us at Brassy Marketing for a free market analysis. 

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