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What is SEO?

What is SEO?

To begin with it’s important to define what SEO is, it stands for Search Engine Optimization. What this entails is the process, tools and techniques that are involved in increasing the online visibility of a particular web page or site. The function of SEO is twofold:

1) to increase the online visibility and ‘footprint’ of the website involved and

2) to redirect Internet traffic to maximize the website’s ‘hits’.

SEO techniques usually involve the purchase of a certain set of services that may include things like: paid article writing, key-word intensive copy writing, image focused search techniques etc. The main difference between what many call natural or ‘organic’ SEO and paid SEO is the fact that while natural or organic SEO seeks to promote a websites content through the inherent instinctual functionality of the website, paid SEO attempts to drive qualified prospects to the site by paying for the exposure.

Benefits of Natural VS Paid:

Natural SEO:Websites that are optimized naturally or organically tend to remain for a longer time on the search engines top searched list as the content and structure of the website is intrinsically more relevant to the search in regards to other searches.

Paid SEO: Paid SEO techniques allow a website to shoot to the top rated sites in a very short time as compared to natural SEO that may take longer to gain recognition by the search engines. This might be extremely useful if the business is just starting up and needs instant popularity, or has little chance of competing via organic SEO methods. It also works well for split tests when you want instant feedback.

Natural SEO tend to require some time to build up as the website content needs to be optimized and geared towards the end users genuine relevant needs instead of just purchasing website exposure in the advertised section of the search engine results.  On the other hand websites that rank well organically also frequently provide users the information that they are looking for allowing them to become a resource and build a relationship with the prospect. Savvy customers are also beginning to understand what paid search engine results look like (the colored box at the top or right hand side of the results).  Since they may have had a poor experience in the past they are becoming less likely to select paid advertisement results.


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