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Why Michigan Businesses Need SEO

Why Michigan Businesses Need SEO

The economy in Michigan has struggled over the past several years. Michigan has a significantly lower percentage of wealthy individuals living in the state, and a larger percentage of unemployed individuals than most other states in the United States. Michigan has also seen slower than average job growth when compared to other states in the US. Growing existing Michigan businesses, and paving the way for new small businesses, must be a primary focus in order to improve the economy of this great state.

Of course as all business owners know growing a business requires far more than a single action. That being said the internet has become the “go to” place for prospects to look for business solutions and more than ever, Michigan businesses need the benefits of SEO marketing to help them find both local and out of state/country clients to help boost sales, create growth and jumpstart the once booming economy again. Here are just a few of the reasons Michigan business from Traverse City to Grand Rapids and Detroit need search engine optimization (SEO).

Be Found

You may have a well-designed, easy to navigate, stunning website highlighting your company’s revolutionary products. However, without ranking in the major search engines for the keywords that are important to your customers, your website will never be found. Search engine optimization allows Michigan business owners to get their products and services in front of prospects that would never have otherwise discovered them.

An Online Customer Base

Whether your Michigan business is Internet based, or whether you operate a brick-and-mortar shop within the state, it is important that you reach your customers where they are – online. Company websites are important for all industries and businesses. Whether a customer is buying candy from a small mom and pop store in Grand Rapids, or order car parts from a major Michigan auto manufacturer, you can bet your business profits that they are going to start their search on the Internet. Search engine optimization allows you, and your company’s website, to reach this expanding online customer base.

Convert “Browsers” to “Purchasers”

Quality SEO practices often include quality content that shares information about the product or service and establishes the brand as a leader in the field. These are one of the most tangible and successful ways that businesses both large and small convert website visits into sales. Providing your customers with targeted, informative, and well written website content is the best way to pique their interest, educate them, and encourage them to do business with your company.

Market Your Company Affordably

If you are like most Michigan small business owners, your marketing and advertising budgets are very small. SEO is an affordable way to market your business online. Creating relevant website content can be done very affordably through the use of a talented SEO company. Integrating this content into your website is as easy as updating your company site every so often. When customers search for information or products like those that you offer, your website will appear in their browser, and for a fraction of the cost of radio, television, or billboard advertisements.

You can request free SEO analysis here or contact Brassy Marketing for more information. Brassy is a Michigan SEO company based out of Grand Rapids and Traverse City, MI.


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