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Writing Sales Copy – Storytelling Techniques

Writing Sales Copy – Storytelling Techniques

Tell a story in your marketing to connect to your readers and share the information they need in an entertaining way. Choose to either focus on the pain of the current situation or the gains they well get if they take action. Follow these basic storytelling guidelines:

• Let your readers know you have been in a situation similar to their current one and that you understand.

• Reveal the solution and tell them what they need to do to get it.

• Explain why you know this is a valid solution.

• Tell them why you are willing to share such valuable tools and strategies with them.

• Enter the conversation in their mind and address any potential objections. Be careful not to claim to know what they are thinking; people generally don’t appreciate the presumption that you know everything about them. Instead say something like, “It would be logical for you to wonder why…” or “You may be questioning why…” or “There are only a few reasons why you wouldn’t jump at this offer.”

• When writing your copy, you should expect that your reader would find every gap and hole in your story, so make sure that you fill the holes with accurate explanations.

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